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Oct 7, 2014

Smart Castor Oil Packs for Fibroids Relief

Women that have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids need to research the various alternatives to surgery or prescription medicines.  With some guidance and persistence it is possible to relieve symptoms and even cure fibroids!



Get Quick Relief With This Homeopathic Treatment for Fibroids

One effective homeopathic treatment is to apply warmed castor oil packs for fibroids relief, and although not a cure this can be an important first step to taking control and ultimately destroying those fibroids.

What is a castor oil pack?

Caster oil packs have been used for many centuries as a treatment for reducing inflammation and increasing circulation at the point of application.  A healthy lymphatic system is vital to cleansing the body and this is one of the many castor oil benefits plus promoting healthy function of the kidneys, bowel, intestines, thyroid gland, ovaries and uterus.

A caster oil pack is simply a way to apply castor oil to the skin like you would do with a medicated poultice. Ideally a piece of wool flannel saturated with castor oil is applied to the area where improved circulation is needed. Besides helping with reducing inflammation and pain, there is considerable evidence of shrinking various types of fibroids, cysts on the ovaries, and even kidney stones.

For treating fibroids, apply the pack to the abdomen and then cover with a hot pack or heating pad.

Castor oil benefits

Fibroids may form as a side effect from the body’s inefficient elimination of toxins and waste.  A special type of blood cells called lymphocytes help boost immunity to toxins and it is widely believed by homeopathic practitioners that castor oil promotes healthy lymphocytes and an improved immune system.

If toxins and waste are left to stagnate then this could potentially lead to tissue inflammation and even forming of fibroids.  Using castor oil packs will stimulate the growth of lymphocytes cells in the body which are used to fight disease and eliminate various wastes including the toxins that may be contributing to the problem.

How to make castor oil packs

You will need these simple items:

  • A bottle of cold-pressed castor oil.
  • Heating pad or hot pack.
  • Large sheet of plastic wrap or bag
  • Large towel.
  • Wool or cotton flannel material, large enough to fold into 3 layers and still cover your lower abdomen.


  1.  Completely saturate the piece of flannel material.
  2. With abdomen uncovered, lay down on your back, elevate legs and feet with a large pillow.
  3. Lay the flannel (folded into 3 layers) on your abdomen so that it is completely covered.
  4. Lay the plastic sheet or bag over the flannel material.
  5. Now lay the heating pad over the plastic.
  6. The top layer will be the towel, covering the other layers to insulate the heat.
  7. You want to maintain a medium heat, and keep it applied for 30 – 60 minutes.

You will want to repeat this process daily with occasional breaks, possibly continuing for several weeks.  Note that your homemade caster oil pack can be re-used if you keep it from drying out. Keeping it in a plastic bag will help, and each time apply some additional oil.

Extra Tip: Jamaican black castor oil results are worth the effort

Caster oil is made from a seed, and typically by a cold press application resulting in a fairly clear liquid extract.  Jamaican black castor oil results from roasting, crushing and then boiling the seeds into an extract that is dark brown and contains ashes mixed with the oil.   You may not find this product in stores but certainly there are several brands available for purchase online.  Make the extra effort and try this version for your caster oil packs.  Many people swear by its extra effectiveness and the cost is comparable.

Other Natural Treatments Recommended for Fibroids

Relieving your fibroids symptoms and working towards eliminating them is possible through a combination of natural treatments that might include some of the following:

Managing your fibroids naturally has good odds for success with the right information and multi-point plan.  There is a book available that we can recommend for doing just that – it gives you a focused plan to eliminate fibroids comprehensively and without surgery or medications.

Actually it is the only product available that gives you absolutely everything you need to know.  There is a link to this special book below.

Click for Official Site – Miracle Fibroids Book Complete Information

You might have some success on your own but you will have to do a lot of experimenting and be persistent through some failures.  The Fibroids Miracle book covers absolutely everything so you can make informed decisions. We definitely think it is a great buy. 


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